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There is much more going on in the Global Arena than meets the naked eye.

Reality Check Comin At Ya!


"Global Anti Poverty Initiative". Eliminate Global Poverty by 2015.

"International Information Committee For Humanitarian Relief".

Here is the Substance, Folks!

Campaign 2008 issues
Make Yourself Aware,
Take a Good Look at 2008 Candidates Stands
on Important Issues and Make a Wise Decision.
All Votes Count This Time Around, Especially.

WashingtonPost.Com Reports;
VP Bill? Depends on Meaning of 'Elected'
"The HillBill and BillHill Scheme".
Please bring your sense of humor and sense of awareness as well.

Who has controlled the Middle East over the course of history? Pretty much everyone. Egyptians, Turks, Jews, Romans, Arabs, Persians, Europeans...the list goes on. Who will control the Middle East today? That is a much bigger question.

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Today 08/04/07, Israel who has never admitted nor denied having the Nuclear technology,
(though the World has it's own feelings)
has resumed plans to build a Nuclear Power Plant in the Negev Desert.
Huuuummmm, lotsa action in the Region,
put the puzzle together, take it all in,
it's all related and could be in play behind the scenes.
Were you in charge, how would YOU play the game?

Last September (2007), Irael sent it's AirForce over into Syria
and took out a Nuclear Reactor,
close to it's completion and arming and you know the rest.
The plant was a replica of North Korea's Nuke Plant with the help of course,
of the No. Korean Nuke-Team.

The "Axis of Evil" in the mix.

See the plan below about the USA's plan
for Global Dominence through Military Might and Economic clout combined,
thus maintaining Global superiority and lots of say in the future of US Citizens and human rights
(And of course the "Allmighty Dollar" and Global Economic Dominance).

Islamic Extremists on the other hand,
have plans to assume that role on top and switch World law to Sharia, Islamic Secular rule.
Which they are NOW trying to assert in Great Britain and other civilized regions.

"No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time."
- Winston Churchill, 1947 A.D.

Where has democracy dominated and where has it retreated? This map gives us a visual ballet of democracy's march across history as the most popular form of government. From the first ancient republics to the rise of self-governing nations, see the history of democracy: 4,000 years in 90 seconds...!

"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to complacency; From complacency to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage."
- Author unknown. Attributed sometimes to Benjamin Disraeli and/or Alexander Tytler

*Sharia Secular Law*.

They believe
When a person accepts Islam all their previous sins are not only wiped away,
but they are converted to good deeds.
This is the mercy of God almighty. Huuuummmm!.

How has the geography of religion evolved over the centuries, and where has it sparked wars? Our map gives us a brief history of the world's most well-known religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism. Selected periods of inter-religious bloodshed are also highlighted. Want to see 5,000 years of religion in 90 seconds? Ready, Set, Go!

Not to suggest that the problems of the World are Muslim/Islamic related;

Fact is, most of today's wars are perpetrated by
fundamentalist Muslim/Islamic insurgents and terrorists,
Madrassa brainwashed demented children of a lessor GOD.

*Girls of the Red Mosque Madrassa - Pakistan*.

AGAIN! Not to suggest that the problems of the World are Muslim/Islamic related;
NOPE! Not me.. READ ON!

Click this-->Wars of yesteryear and today with, parties involved,
issues and death tolls.
The civilized world is the target, read on!

The Fight for Iraq: A Regional Powerplay

MSNBC presents a briefing of the region led by NBC’s
Richard Engel concerning the ethnic, religious and
political power plays in and around Iraq.

The Memory Hole
"The Memory Hole"
Where buried info is dug up and served up to you., Spies & Assassins/Terrorists.
Note; See the whereabouts of these Enemies of Freedom!

Terrorism is a Global Problem.
The World should be united in this WAR.

Again, "The US Plan" was evolved in Spring, 1997 (See the Plan below, blow your mind, Ha HaH!)
and the Islamic Plan is adapting to the US Plan, as we speak, not surprising, aye?
And, away we go, according to plan. NO pun intended! Any taken?...


OK sit down and close your eyes.

Imagine you are waking up and its August 2009.
The news this morning is that oil prices have topped $150 a barrel
and a secret uranium plant has been detected in Iran.

There is further bad news:
Tehran and Caracas have slashed oil exports by 700,000 barrels
to punish the West for sanctions,
and the US military is ready to move its entire Pacific fleet
into the Middle East.

Although these may be tomorrow’s headlines,
on Thursday a high-powered panel of Washington insiders
acting as the US president’s national security council found they would face
almost impossible choices and be powerless in such a case,
baring the United States’ growing inability to lead in global crises.

“In this kind of hostile environment (Iran and Iraq) would have the upper hand,”
said Gene Sperling, former president Bill Clinton’s national economic adviser,
who played the treasury secretary in the exercise.
It “would make us look impotent,” he added.

The exercise, put on by the Securing America’s Future Energy
and the Bipartisan Policy Center,
sought to emphasize the danger of the extremely narrow gap between
world oil production capacity and demand,
and the heavy US dependence on oil imports.
But it exposed the strained US military’s incapacity to project its power
over multiple regions, and the ability of even small countries
to provoke a world political and economic crisis.

Former treasury secretary Robert Rubin said simply
“It shows how weak our hand is”.

Its time to change the pack of cards, Mr Bush.

Click Here To View Facts On Iraq Oil and Global Economies!

Also View *Iraq: The Struggle For Oil* Global Policy Forum.


Other astonishing links on my sites,
News the Media won't tell us; The REAL Global Issues,
and, how about "Man Controlling Weather" as WMDs and "Birdflu Pandemic" reincarnation by Man?
And, let's not overlook the Global Economy and the impact
ON the Dollar (Which ironically is Backed by paper, "In God We Trust")
BY the Dinar, the EURO , and U.S. dollar under threat as Premier Global Reserve Currency.
Huuummm, create some questions, maybe? Be sure and hit the links for details!

The United Arab Emirates have allready
converted 8% of their reserves to the "EURO".

Also, Russia switching away from the dollar and
China's assault on our economy with their devalued monies (by 40% +),
costing 1.8 million American jobs,
and their overtures towards the euro.

And, do we owe China a bunch of $$$$? You bet we do! Clickie!

Favorite Trade Partners, Aye! Look at what China is doing in Sudan/Darfur!

NO! WAIT, see what "WE ALL" are doing about the So-Called Genocide in the Darfur Region.

READ ON! What say You?

Darfur, Sudan, Oil, America, China and Europe.
Unbelievable! Had You Ever Imagined?

*Darfur Genocide*; The Real News.

War of the Future: Oil Drives the Genocide in Darfur.

The Untold News Flash via JohnPinto.Com.


Should the dollar lose it's place
as the Worlds monetary denomination of exchange,
the USA would take the Economic tumble
and it's affect would crumble our economy,
well beyond that of the depression of 1933, they're hoping.
Some of our trade partners are actively and collectively demanding
something harder and exchangeable for the paper,
and, not back to "Dollar Diplomacy" aKa "The Barter System".
They want fair exchange and that is not good for us.
They don't all have all that trust in GOD, I guess.

Follow the steps that brought us here
and think about the steps now used against us to try and bring us back there.

The week we attacked Saddam Hussein, who had allready made economic moves against the dollar.

He converted to the EURO
for oil reserves, UN (Food For Oil) held dollars and sales,
and was part of a plan for other oil Nations to follow suit.

The Federal Reserve's greatest nightmare is that OPEC will
switch its international transactions from a dollar
standard to a euro standard.
Iraq actually made this switch in Nov. 2000
(when the euro was worth around 82 cents),
and has actually made off like a bandit considering
the dollar's steady depreciation against the euro.
(Note: the dollar declined 17% against the euro in 2002.)

"The real reason the Bush administration wants a
puppet government in Iraq -- or more importantly,
the reason why the corporate-military-industrial network conglomerate
wants a puppet government in Iraq -- is so that
it will revert back to a dollar standard and stay that way."
(While also hoping to veto any wider OPEC momentum towards the euro,
especially from Iran -- the 2nd largest OPEC producer who is
actively discussing a switch to euros for its oil exports).

"Big Picture Perspective: Everything else aside from the reserve currency and
the Saudi/Iran oil issues (i.e. domestic political issues and international criticism)
is peripheral and of marginal consequence to this administration.
Further, the dollar-euro threat is powerful enough that
they will rather risk much of the economic backlash in the short-term
to stave off the long-term dollar crash of
an OPEC transaction standard change from dollars to euros.
All of this fits into the broader Great Game that encompasses
Russia Russia plants flag at North Pole to claim Arctic’s riches
25% of World oil and natural gas resources,
India, , China and North Korea
who sell nuke technology to Iran, Egypt, Syria
and anybody in the market while also courting the euro.
Russia, who is building the first nuke plant in Iran, has a 900 Million Dollar missile contract with IRAN
and 2 to 3 billion dollar contract with
, for anti-missile weapons that can deliver nukes. Huuuummmm.
And defend against misslie air attacks.
Iran plans to strategically place these systems to protect their nuke plants,
wonder what Venezuela plans to use their systems for,
Huuummmm! You guessed it, "OMG"!

See the "Moscow Defense Brief 2006".

List of States with nuclear weapons."

"Otherwise, the effect of an OPEC switch to the euro would be
that oil-consuming nations would have to flush dollars
out of their (central bank) reserve funds and replace these with euros.
The dollar would crash anywhere from 20-40% in value and the consequences would be
those one could expect from any currency collapse and massive inflation
(think Argentina currency crisis, for example).
You'd have foreign funds stream out of the U.S. stock markets and dollar denominated assets,
there'd surely be a run on the banks much like the 1930s,
the current account deficit would become unserviceable,
the budget deficit would go into default, and so on.
Your basic 3rd world economic crisis scenario.

"The United States economy is intimately tied to the dollar's role as reserve currency.
This doesn't mean that the U.S. couldn't function otherwise,
but that the transition would have to be gradual to avoid such dislocations
(and the ultimate result of this would probably be the U.S. and the EURO.
switching roles in the global economy)."

Although the above scenario is most assuredly undesirable,
under certain economic conditions it is plausible.
In fact, one of the conditions that could create such an environment is a near unilateral U.S.
led war in the Middle East. For example, a large spike in oil prices could create huge problems
for the imperiled Japanese banking system, the world's largest holder of
U.S. dollar reserves.
Unfortunately the current Bush administration has chosen a military option instead
of a multilateral conference on monetary reform to resolve these issues.
In the aftermath of toppling Saddam it is clear the U.S.
will keep a large and permanent military force in the Persian Gulf.
Indeed, there is no talk of an `exit strategy,
as the military will be needed to protect the newly installed regime, and to send a message to other
OPEC producers that they too might receive `regime change' if they convert their oil payments to euros.

This information about Iraq's oil currency is not discussed
by the U.S. media or the Bush administration as the truth could potentially
curtail both investor and consumer confidence, reduce consumer borrowing/spending,
create political pressure to form a new energy policy
that slowly weans us off Middle-Eastern oil,
and of course stop our march towards a war with Iraq.
This quasi `state secret' is addressed in a Radio Free Europe article
that discussed Saddam's switch for his oil sales
from dollars to the euros, to be effective November 6, 2000:
(Weapons of Mass Destruction? Petrodollar vs. US Dollar, WMDs indeed.)

"AIG": Who Knew What and When Did They Know it??

48 Days in, Media Attacks the "O" Honeymoon.
What Ever Happened to the 100 Days?; Gold is Europe's "Secret Weapon" ...

Click anywhere on the page to zoom in!

With a strong dependency upon oil, and petrodollars secure,
the White House hopes the EURO will slide.
The EURO economy is currently $9.6 trillion.
As more countries jump on to use EURO, their economy grows.
The US either takes over the assets they trade, like Iraq,
or convince the rest of the world to exchange their currency for dollars.
The US was urging Tony Blair not to adopt the EURO for this purpose.
The EURO is new, has little debt. The US dollar has a substantial debt,
but is heavily used.
The European Union itself is a larger consumer of oil than the US.

These are White House games you won't read about in the US media.
This one you should pay attention to.

President Richard Nixon removed U.S. currency from the gold standard in 1971.
Since then, the world's supply of oil has been traded in U.S. fiat dollars,
making the dollar the dominant world reserve currency.
Countries must provide the United States with goods and services
for dollars — which the United States can freely print.
To purchase energy and pay off any IMF debts,
countries must hold vast dollar reserves.

The world is attached to a currency that one country can produce at will.
This means that — in addition to controlling world trade – the United States
is importing substantial quantities of goods
and services for very low relative costs.

The Euro has begun to emerge as a serious threat to dollar hegemony
and U.S. economic dominance.
The dollar may prevail throughout the Western Hemisphere,
but the Euro and dollar are clashing in the former Soviet Union,
Central Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East.

Ron Paul on the Dollar.

It is estimated that the dollar is currently overvalued by at least 40%,
burdening the United States with a huge trade deficit.
Conversely, the euro-zone does not run huge deficits,
uses higher interest rates, and has an increasingly larger share of world trade.
As the euro establishes its durability and comes into wider use,
the dollar will no longer be the world’s only option.
At that point,
it would be easier for other nations to
exercise financial leverage against the United States
without damaging themselves or the global financial system as a whole.

Faced with waning international economic power,
military superiority is the United States’ only tool for world domination.
Although, the expense of this military control is unsustainable, says William Clark,
"one of the dirty little secrets of today's international order is that the rest of the globe
could topple the United States from its hegemonic status
whenever they so choose with a concerted abandonment of the dollar standard.
This is America's preeminent, inescapable Achilles Heel."
If American power is ever perceived globally as a greater liability
than the dangers of toppling the international order,
the U.S. systems of control can be eliminated and collapsed.
When acting against world opinion – as in Iraq – an international consensus
could brand the United States as a “rogue nation”,
Dollar Imperialism? Huummmmm.

"The Global Alternative".

The message to the World Order is,
stay in rank, do not put the Global Economy at risk
or risk regime change.. What say you?

"Pay Attention!"

See if this site enlightens you.


Hit the Links below for
astonishing news that the Media won't tell us!

First off, What is going on with the Mainstream Media?
Here are some astonishing facts that will make you go *WoW*!
You Decide, make fact based desicions, common sense prevails!
Anyways, some thoughts to think about before we go;

More Secrets.

The Secret Bilderberg Group and Global Policies.


This weekend, "Sunni" Saudi Arabia issued a Fatwa against Shi'ite Mosques in Iraq,
the Saudis also for the first time agreed to sit at the table
with Israel, Palestine and Iraq in an effort towards peace in the Region.
Shi'ite Iran prayed to stop the Fatwah and made overtures through their allies in the region.

Saudi Arabia and Iran share no love at all.

Getting interesting? Ha HaH! More to come, stay tuned.

In the meantime, the US proposes an arms deal with
the Saudis, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt and other friendly allies in the region
worth 20 billion dollars and
30 billion dollars with Israel.

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
and Defense Secretary Robert Gates
will ask Saudi Arabia on Wednesday to help more with U.S. efforts in Iraq
and discuss a big arms deal for Washington's Gulf ally.

The two cabinet secretaries are on a rare joint trip to the Middle East,
which U.S. officials say is meant to reassure allies that the United States
remains committed to the region despite its problems in Iraq and the growing strength of Iran.

After talks with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and ministers from Gulf states
in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on Tuesday,
Gates said U.S. allies were worried public opinion
would force America to pull out of Iraq soon.

"There clearly is concern on the part of the Egyptians,
and I think that it probably represents concerns elsewhere in the region,
that the United States will somehow withdraw precipitously from Iraq
or in some way that is destabilizing to the entire region," he said.

Gates and Rice, who arrived in Jeddah on Tuesday evening for dinner with King Abdullah
and the Saudi defense and foreign ministers,
said they told their partners that stability in the Middle East was a top U.S. priority.

They have presented the forthcoming Saudi arms sales deal,
and new military aid packages for Israel and Egypt,
as a sign of that commitment.

The 10-year package for Saudi Arabia is expected
to be worth at least $20 billion and is likely to be expanded to include deals with other Gulf states,
a senior U.S. defense official traveling with Gates told reporters.

Gates and Rice have insisted the package is not intended as an incentive
to get Saudi Arabia to cooperate more with U.S. efforts to stabilize Iraq.

U.S. officials have expressed frustration with Riyadh's Iraq policies.
Like many Sunni Arab states, the Saudi leadership is
highly suspicious of Iraq's Shi'ite-led government,
believing it to be biased against Sunnis
and too close politically to Shi'ite-dominated Iran.

U.S. asks Saudis for Iraq help, offers arms deal.

Exit Strategy, maybe.. What say you?

Iran's plan for regional domination takes on another look now.
Guess what would happen should Iran/Syria
gain regional dominence in the region, Huuuummmm. reports: U.S. is currently moving to name,
thus blacklist Iran's Revolutionary Guard,
a terror group, Huuummmm, ratchet it up!

International Herald Tribune - Europe reports:
Russia and China launch joint military exercise, make USA nervous.

Getting the BIG picture?

How about a movie about all that Mike, "LoL"..


Immigration and the TRUTH.

First off, let's take a look at the costs to American citizens for the immigration issues.
and then we'll answer the question WHY!

CNN's Lou Dobbs on Costs of Illegal Immigration to America.

Cost of the failed "Reagan Immigration Reform Act of 1984".

Immigration and the Sordid Facts Ahead.

Now some facts on the issue at hand.

Has anybody heard about the 155,000 non-mexican citizens
that got caught coming accross the Mx. border into Arizona in 2005?
Among them were 1400 Iranians, 1100 communist Chinese,
Syrians, Palestinians, No.Koreans, North Vietnamese, Sudanese radicals
and all sorts of folks YOU would not want in your neighborhoods, wonder what they had in mind?

Mexico-US border is porous and the preferred entry point into the USA for Al Qaeda.
Ask Duncan Hunter or better yet, ask Diane Feinstein, hummmmm.
While we're at it, how about asking Diane Feinstein
what she really meant recently when
she wanted to take away student aid for our Citizens
and, give it to foreign students.
What about London and Glasgow and foreign doctors,
and the British Catholic Priest who while in Jordan,
heard from a Shia radical Sheikh, about how the Brits will pay
followed by the Americans
and, "those that cure you can also KILL you",

8 Muslim Medical Students/Doctors were arrested in the 2 U.K. terror attacks.

What a revelation, and will we listen and protect our citizenry?

Now For The Immigration Issue.

WorldNetDaily: Bush sneaking North American super-state without Congressional oversight?

Mexico, Canada partnership underway.

New World Order, "North American Union".

Wooldridge - Where Is America Headed? Check This Out!

"GLOBAL INCIDENT MAP".............. This is interesting!

When you click on the website link below, a world Map comes up
showing what strange & dangerous things are happening right now
in every country in the entire world & is updated every few minutes.
You can move the map around, zero in on any one area & actually
up-load the story of what is going on.
It is amazing when you can see the things that are happening right here in the U.S.,
sometimes right in your own state or even your city.
There is a lot happening in our world every minute.
This 'map' updates every 300 seconds...constantly 24/7.


*L.O.S.T.* "Law of the Sea Treaty ", U.S. Sovereignty at Risk.

"The Treaty's provisions were intentionally designed to promote
a new world order--a form of global collectivism known as
the New International Economic Order (NIEO)--that seeks
ultimately the redistribution of the world's wealth through a complex system
of manipulative central economic planning and bureaucratic coercion.
The Treaty's provisions are predicated on a distorted interpretation
of the noble concept of the Earth's vast oceans as the 'common heritage of mankind."

The UN would like control over 70% of the Earth
by taxation and ocean mining for natural resources.

Don't give U.N. keys to Earth's treasures.

Glenn Beck Interprets The L.O.S.T. Treaty.


Should we turn our heads on all this (AGAIN!) to pamper ideologies of extreme left/right loonies?
This is OUR Country!

Lastly, if the Patriot Act and the Fisa surveilance act
did NOT exist, we would NOT have thwarted nearly 20 hits on our soil
and intelled an Al Qaeda Cell's plot to NUKE 7 US Cities
and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans.
Guess where they will get the Nukes from,
YEP! Iran, you guessed it, also keep an eye on allready Nuke-Armed Pakistan,
should Pres. Musharraf get overthrown by the Taliban, Huuuummmm!

Why then would anyone want to eliminate those security tools,
knowing where that would leave our Country?


Why do some not recognize the reality of
what would happen, should we cut and run.
It's plain to see, the Iranians and Syrians are hoping for just that.
Wonder Why!

Iran today (8/29/07) declared the U.S. is losing influence in Iraq
and they are prepared to fill that vacuum
with other states in the region. Be prepared!


NOTE: When we exited Vietnam early 1970s,
The Victors, No.Vietnam and Pol Pot/Kmer Rouge of Cambodia
slaughtered 3 million innocent non-combatant Citizens.


Don't go yet, more to come!
All you've read above are only a sampling of the full stories listed below, so go to work!

How about GOD and the efforts by some to Exclude GOD from a Christian Country,
founded on Christian beliefs by the Founding Fathers, take a peek at this;
Click to see "A School Kids Prayer"!

And how about the Preambles of the 50 States?
Click this to see the Preambles of the 50; Alphabetical States Lists Upper Left.
Preamble of the 50 States @ JohnPinto.Com!

Al Qaeda in Iraq? Pres. Bush Declassifies Proof Docs Today. 07/24/07.
Al Qaeda in Iraq Threatens U.S.



videoClick here to watch Panorama's
profile of Osama Bin Laden in full

video Click here to watch Panorama's
Osama Bin Laden's early

video Click here to watch Panorama's
Bin Laden's time in Saudi Arabia
and how his anger towards America

video Click here to watch Panorama's
Details about his time in Sudan
and where his money is invested

In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act. (George Orwell)

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. (Mohandas Gandhi)

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. (Edmund Burke)

Hell is Truth Seen Too Late. (Thomas Hobbes)

Click Above! Try and figure all this out!


Now, take the LINKs below and see if you knew any of this documented stuff!

Revisited - The Real Reasons for the Upcoming War With Iraq: Click here!
A Macroeconomic and Geostrategic Analysis of the Unspoken Truth
by William Clark
Original Essay January 2003
-Revised March 2003
-Post-war Commentary January 2004

Brought to You By JohnPinto.Com.
WebMaster: John M. Pinto

[Rather Large File, but worth it.]
Islam Being how this is a NO SPIN ZONE!
Here is a fine documentary defining Islam's true position
on the horrors of terrorism.
Please PRESS the VIDEO button and watch it!
and maximize the video player for best viewing.

The Palestinian Tragedy.. Fair And Balanced.
Click on LINKs at the top for more when you finish!

*The End of the Dollar Hegemony* and The Muslim World @ JohnPinto.Com

Iran takes first strike against USA, the financial WMD, @ JohnPinto.Com.

*Wakeup America* 27 years of Terrorist's aggressions against the USA. @ John M Pinto.Com

*The Third Jihad* Did You Know? @ JohnPinto.Com.

Man controlling weather as weapons? @ John M Pinto.Com

Watch the Discovery Channel @ 8 PM this Sunday, August 5th 2007!
Scientists confirm turning of hurricane Katrina.

*The New Iraq*, Did You Know The Humanitarian Side? @ JohnPinto.Com

*Iraq and it's Biblical Roots* @ JohnPinto.Com.

*Israel Without Zionism* Did You Know? @ JohnPinto.Com.

*Blood Heroes* @ JohnPinto.Com

*Saddam Hussein and WMDs* @ John M Pinto.Com.

*Russia and Saddam Hide WMDs* @ JohnPinto.Com.

*All About Bin Laden* @ JohnPinto.Com

*The Goal In Iraq* @ JohnPinto.Com

*Global -- Eye, The Dark Shadow* @ JohnPinto.Com

The Iraq Conspiracy.

*America Under Attack* @ JohnPinto.Com.

*Bird Flu Reincarnation* By MAN? @ JohnPinto.Com

*Iraq War Coalition Fatalities*

Saddam Hussein and His Terrorist Links.

*World Trade Center Facts* @ JohnPinto.Com.

Who did it? Foreign Report ~ an alternative view on 9/11
(the Lebanese Imad Mughniyeh and Iraqi Intelligence).

*Where Was GOD on 9/11/2001?* @ JohnMPinto.Com.

The Real Reason For the WAR in Iraq: The Unspoken Truth

The REAL Reason Why Iran is the Next Target:
The Emerging Euro-denominated International Oil Market.

35 Predators of press freedom.

Below you will find a few official documents (America's Plan) that will substantiate
some of the above and blow your minds.
The files are in .PDF format, so if you don't allready have the "Adobe Acrobat Reader" installed on your machine, simply go here and get the free viewer; Click~~>Get Adobe Acrobat Reader, FREE
Then you can open the following files for a bird's eye view behind the scenes.

Rebuilding America's Defenses,
A Report of The Project for the New American Century
September 2000.

"American Empire" as Will and Idea.
17 September 2002.

*Iraq*: Setting the Record Straight.
*April 2005*

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